Mailbox Season tickets

With Season tickets to suit your working lifestyle, whether that’s Monday to Friday or all day, every day, Mailbox season tickets provide the flexibility and ease of parking without the need to find payment on a daily basis. With up to three car registrations on each pass (note only one car can access per day), it is perfect for those that work flexi time offering great value in a safe and secure location 24/7.

We offer a range of season tickets, all at great discounts and perfect for working within the city.

5 day season ticket – £180 per month

7 day season ticket – £250 per month

All season tickets are available on standing order. Please enquire for further details.

Flexi time – Please provide registration details in order to pre-pay for your stay in the city.

For other specific requirements please contact us at [email protected] and 0121 632 1124


Updated 23rd March 2018

Season Ticket Terms & Conditions

  1. The use of the Car Park is subject to the Mailbox Car Park Terms and Conditions of Use, as stipulated by Mailbox (Car Park) Ltd.
  2. Full name, postal and email address, along with a contact number will be required to ensure that a season ticket can be processed on the car park system.
  3. Mailbox (Car Park) Ltd hereby reserves its right to reject the application or withdraw an issued Season Ticket without assigning reason.
  4. Any person, who drives a car into The Mailbox Car Park, is liable to pay the advertised charges in full, unless they hold a current and valid Season Ticket. Invalid/Expired Season Tickets will be subject to the standard Mailbox Car Park Tariff.
  5. Hourly parking rates shall apply and be payable by the Season Ticket Holder on expiry of the Season Ticket.
  6. Late renewal of a Season Ticket shall not entitle the Season Ticket Holder to a refund of any hourly parking fees paid.
  7. A Season Ticket shall not entitle the customer to any particular space in the car park or to priority over other customers.
  8. Season Ticket Holders shall notify The Mailbox Car Park immediately if there are any changes to Car Registration Details, any contact information completed in the application form or the loss of a Season Ticket.
  9. Customers purchasing a Season Ticket must pay all money due in advance before the Season Ticket will be activated.
  10. A vehicle will be treated as ‘Abandoned’ when the vehicle remains in the car park for a period of 28 days after the Season Ticket has expired and action will be taken as required.
  11. The Season Ticket remains the property of The Mailbox Car Park who reserves the right to withdraw it at any time. Upon return of the Season Ticket, any complete outstanding months will be refunded in full.
  12. If the Customer chooses to cancel their Season Ticket whilst still valid, no refund will be given. The remaining days on the Season Ticket can be frozen to be used at a later date if required.
  13. The Mailbox Car Park reserves the right to invalidate this Season Ticket and terminate this contract if the Season Ticket is not used according to its conditions of issue or if any unauthorised alterations are made to it.
  14. If your payment is refused by your bank/building society your Season Ticket will be invalidated and must be returned.
  15. The proper use of Season Tickets issued to companies or organisations is the responsibility of the company/organisation to which they are issued. The company/organisation is responsible for the return of a Season Ticket should an employee leave and fails to surrender it.
  16. Exceeding the speed limit may result in exclusion from the Mailbox Car Park.
  17. Parked vehicles must have their engine switched off and handbrake applied.
  18. Vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition with up-to-date tax and insurance.
  19. Petrol and engine oil leakages are hazardous. Vehicles must not be left in the car park if they are leaking any fuel or lubricant.  Appropriate safety action will be taken by the Mailbox Car Park if a vehicle is discovered showing signs of leakage.  Charges incurred will be passed to the customer.
  20. Loss or damage to a Season Ticket due to the fault of the Customer will result in a charge of £10 for a replacement card to be issued.

Payment by Invoice:

  1. Customers who choose to pay for new Season Tickets by invoice will not receive their ticket until payment for the invoice has been received.
  2. Payments by invoice can only be made Quarterly, Six Monthly or Annually.
  3. Alternatively, if Season Tickets are required sooner, the customer may pay a deposit of the equivalent of one month either by cash or card whereupon the card can be issued within 2 working days. This payment will be deducted from the invoice.
  4. Where customers renew their Season Ticket by invoice, payment of the invoice must be received prior to the commencement of the new period of parking.
  5. Failure to pay any invoice within the appropriate period of time will result in the temporary cancellation of the card.
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