Mailbox Season tickets

With Season tickets to suit your working lifestyle, whether that’s Monday to Friday or all day, every day, Mailbox season tickets provide the flexibility and ease of parking without the need to find payment on a daily basis. With up to three car registrations on each pass (note only one car can access per day), it is perfect for those that work flexi time offering great value in a safe and secure location 24/7.

We offer a range of season tickets, all at great discounts and perfect for working within the city.

5 day season ticket – £180 per month

7 day season ticket – £250 per month

All season tickets are available on standing order. Please enquire for further details.

Flexi time – Please provide registration details in order to pre-pay for your stay in the city.

For other specific requirements please contact us at [email protected] and 0121 632 1124

Updated 5th February 2018

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