Mailbox Parking Charges

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Mailbox Parking Tariff

Mailbox award winning car park is a great location and has a tariff to suit your city centre parking requirements, with cash or card payments available at all of our pay stations, as well as contactless and Apple Pay technology, we are confident that you will find the best payment method for you.

Our parking tariff is:

1 HOUR – £2.60

2 HOURS – £5.00

3 HOURS – £7.50

4 HOURS – £8.50

6 HOURS – £11.00

8 HOURS – £13.00

12 HOURS – £16.50

24 HOURS – £21.00

Updated 4th August 2017

Please note, an additional charge of £3.50 will be added for a lost chip coins.


We have teamed up with the popular New Alexandra Theatre to offer theatregoers a range of fantastic offers at selected Mailbox restaurants and discounted car parking in our award-winning car park. Click here for more info.

Bicycle parking is on the Ground Floor & Lower Ground of the car park. Parking for bicycles is free.

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