Mailbox App Terms & Conditions


Important information and terms and conditions governing your use of the Mailbox App, the Mailbox Exclusive Club and our Wi-FI network, and our rights to use and share your personal information – please read before signing up for the App.
Welcome to the Mailbox App – your one-stop shop for information, promotions, events and more. We created this App to reward you for your custom and to find out more about how our customers use the Mailbox, what they like and how we and our retail partners can improve the services we offer. The Mailbox App provides a platform by which we can obtain information about you and get to know you better. We hope to provide you with more relevant, targeted and timely promotions and information which reflects your interests, shopping habits and complements the way you use the Mailbox.
To achieve this, the Mailbox App gathers information about you and your use of our services. We want to be upfront with you about this and hope you will be as excited about the benefits of doing so as we are. In short, via the App, you have the ability to tell us and our Mailbox partners: who you are, what brands and venues you like to visit, when and how often you visit them, what you buy and more. Some of this information is received when you input this into the App. Other information is collected by you having or using the App (such as using your location to determine when and where you are at the Mailbox). By creating an account and using the App, you consent to your information being used by us and our partners as further detailed below and in our privacy policy.
You control the information we collect about you. If you would like to restrict the information we collect or limit or change who we can share it with, you’ll find these options under the “About the App” page in the “Manage Privacy” section. We understand that you may want to remove or update information we hold about you. The App provides options to erase any information at the press of a button.

Here are some of the important points about our use of your information and your rights:

  • By default, all basic identity information you provide on or after sign-up will be shared with all retail partners.
  • By default, location services will be turned ON and the Mailbox will be aware when you are on-site at the Mailbox and your location but you can change your settings within the App at any time to hide your location.
  • By default, each of our partners will only be able to see your activity on the App and at the Mailbox which relates directly to them. They will have no visibility of: your activity, spend, wish list content, or feedback which relates to other Mailbox retail partners.
  • You have control over information stored and shared by Mailbox and its partners; you can change your preferences and options in the App.
  • You can view the information we hold about you and have the ability to manage and/or erase this information from your account on demand, at the press of a button. If you request that information about you to be deleted, we will remove your personal information from your user account and our systems.

One you’ve downloaded the Mailbox App, you automatically become a member of the Mailbox Exclusive Club, our in-house rewards scheme. As a member, you will receive special promotions and be able to collect points which you can redeem against a variety of hand-picked promotions, rewards and experiences.

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