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Posted on September 9, 2019 by Mailbox Blog

Sofas and Stuff are extremely proud to present the launch of their all-new Essential Collection!

It’s an extensive range of online, practical fabrics including; velvets, linens and wonderful wools that are available on all sofas and chairs at unbeatable prices. The range includes clever stain resistant velvets to wonderfully durable linens and cottons. This exciting launch brings a whole new world of design possibilities to our growing range of British handmade sofas, chairs and beds. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

Apuldram Sofa in House Plain Teal

Clever Velvets

The Essential collection offers three types of clever velvets. As this fabric is hugely on trend and has been for several seasons, we are offering a varied mix so there’s something for everyone. Without further ado allow us to present to you our Clever Glossy velvets, Clever Matt Velvet, Textured Velvet and House Velvet. We have curated a mixed colour palette of neutrals, smoky tones and rich jewel tones to boot. The Clever Matt Velvet is a marvellous option for those of us with little ones with grubby mitts, if there’s a spillage it’s not a problem as this velvet is stain resistant so it’s perfect for a family home, Hallelujah now everyone can have a velvet sofa without the worry of it being ruined.

House Velvets


Neutrals, no collection would be complete without them! Have you ever painted a wall a bright bold colour? How long did the wall stay that colour before you became tired of it and painted it back to a more neutral colour? Neutrals are a classic and work with any style interior. A sofa is an investment and you will have your dream sofa for a long time, so by opting for a neutral tone the likelihood of you falling out of love with it is nigh on impossible! Our Essential Collection has so much choice in the way of fabrics. Depending on what your preferences are you can choose from soft wools, brushed cottons, linens and some beautiful linen-cottons. The spectrum of our neutral’s ranges from greys, to creamy whites, cool blues and subtle pinks …. There’s just so much to choose from.

Essential Collection Neutrals

Patterned Fabrics

The Essential Collection includes some delicately patterned fabrics. The Basket Weave is an ingenious mix of two shades intertwining through one another creating a subtle weave effect. The Cotton Stripe is a jolly option, reminiscent of summer days this classic stripe is 100% cotton, presented in soft pastels, blues, a red and neutrals. The Herringbone Weave Fabric is noted as a plain fabric; however, the weave adds interest to what is otherwise a plain fabric, making it tactile and fabulous to sit on.

Patterned Essentials

Collection Colours

So, what’s to expect from the colours in this collection? Aside from neutrals there are some beautiful jewel tones, smoky greys, soothing blues and pretty pink pastels. Should your flavour be a bold, punchy vibe then head to Clever Glossy Velvets where you’ll find a myriad of mustards, paprika, ruby reds and emeralds. The House Plains are a gentle palette of icy blues tones and soft greys that would suit any home and will most definitely stand the test of time. If you are after something a little darker and more mysterious then our Soft Wools, Textured and House Velvets include some wonderful organic greens, paprika, greys and dusky blues. How about pretty pinks? The Mottled Linen Cotton has a dainty soft pink, whilst the Plain Linen Cotton offers a strong dusky pink…

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Furniture, Mailbox Life

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Alex Perrins

While your furniture makes a house, it’s the accessories you choose that make it a home. Adding finishing touches with texture, colour and patterns can turn a blank canvas into a statement look. Whether you lean towards the contemporary or hanker after the classic, here’s our favourite must-haves from our selection of homeware stores.

Crafted in Portugal, in blocked, summery colours, the Auburn woven throw, £25 from MADE.COM, is the perfect extra layer when sofa binge-watching or draped over the bed for snuggling-up. The tasselled edge adds a traditional twist to modern colour palette of pale yellow and dusky pink.

Add a touch of contemporary design to a side table or fill with seasonal blooms, these Trio ceramic vases, £113 from Calligaris are available in a range of different matte tones. As stylish as they are practical, pile them together for a personal look.

With its modern geometric pattern, the hand-tufted Colmena Multi rug by Linie Design at Heal’s is a captivating piece of Danish craft. The elaborate pattern and varying shades of colour perfectly create a harmonious design. Was £371, currently £315 in the 15% sale.

Square or rectangular, patterned or plain; style a range of comfy cushions on your sofa, favourite chair or bed for relaxed chic. Opt for a colour co-ordinated collection – that includes embossed fabrics and premium velvet – from BoConcept to create a look that oozes style. Prices start from £43.

This vintage inspired framed Russian space-age print, £45 from MADE.COM, will bring that oh-so-cool mid-century influence for a 70s-inspired interior. Hang on its own for impact or use it as the starting point for an on-trend gallery wall.

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